Leisure Centre Alarms

LeisureSentry Alarm System

A Trusted Wireless Pool Alarm System

To aPool alarmutomatically or manually summon assistance in an emergency situation in your spa, pool, gym or leisure centre.  Helping you to meet your Health and Safety obligations. LeisureSentry Alarm System includes:

  • Waterproof push buttons
  • Siren and flashing light available
  • Manager alert system
  • No contracts
  • Easy to install

The leisureSentry system is a wireless pool alarm designed to help protect leisure centre, gyms and spa staff and patrons as well as provide a means of raising a response within the centre.

How it Works…

A system comprises of one or more wireless transmitters carried or worn by lifeguards, or fixed wall buttons at poolside and gym locations which when activated, send an alarm signal back to a central receiver.

The central receiver is a wall mounted unit, featuring a number of indicators, a sounder and a reset button.  Upon receiving an alarm signal, the corresponding indicator illuminates, and the sounder starts.  The alarm is cancelled when the reset button on the receiver panel is pressed.  The receiver also comes with an option of onsite paging to give an instant alert to all managers as well as activating any number of siren/strobe units.



LeisureSentry Alarm System Technical Details

Leisure Centre Alarm

A. Waterproof Wall Transmitter

When the button is pressed, a signal is transmitted.  This unit is ideal for pool side locations where staff and members of the public may need to summon assistance

B. Lone Worker Transmitter

It can be carried in a pocket, or worn in the carrying pouch (supplied)  It features panic buttons which allow a worker to call for help, and it also features a tilt switch that automatically triggers the alarm should the worker collapse or be injured.  This unit is ideal for maintenance staff working around the site and in plant rooms.

C. Waterproof Wrist Transmitter

This is ideal for lifeguards on pool-side.  Fully waterproof, a single press of the panic button will ensure assistance is quickly on its way.

D. Waterproof Pendant Transmitter

Again, portable and waterproof, this unit is ideal for poolside and gym staff to summon assistance in the event of an emergency.

E. Pocket Pager

Worn by members of staff to alert them of any incidents instantly.  The message received is specific to the device that has been activated.

F. Central Receiver

The unit may be four, eight or twenty eight channels.  This means that is can support multiple numbers and types of devices (A-D).  The receiver will display the identity of the alarm that has been activated as well as sound to alert the attention of people close by.

The central receiver can also support external siren/strobe units


Please contact us for any more information about our trusted LeisureSentry Alarm System or to arrange a Site Survey.



Wireless Poolside Emergency Call System

To summon assistance in emergency situations. Optional audible siren built in, and messages sent to dedicated pagers throughout building.

  • Fully waterproofLeisure Centre Alarm
  • Battery operated
  • Licence exempt
  • Up to 250 metre range
  • Text message identity
  • Unlimited pagers
  • No ongoing contracts
  • Expandable system
  • No wiring required

This system will give you and your clients the confidence to use your pool and leisure facilities knowing help can be quickly on hand if required.

How it Works…

When the button is pushed it activates both the external siren and the internal transmitter.

The Button will remain depressed and the siren will sound, until a key is used to release the button, alerting those in the location of a problem.

Simultaneously the transmitter sends a pre-set message to the pocket pager up to 250 metres away, subject to local topography.

The pager will respond by bleeping or vibrating, alerting you that the pool alarm has been activated while displaying the message programmed in the alarm unit.

You can have numerous dedicated pagers to react to the same alert, so many people can respond to a signal.

All equipment conforms to the UK licensing requirements & CE approvals.


Please contact us for any more information about our trusted swimSentry emergency call system or to arrange a Site Survey.

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