Panic Alarms


Wireless Personal Security System

To manually summon assistance in emergency situations.

  • Personal Panic alarmPendant, round the neck alarm
  • Unlimited Transmitters
  • Unlimited Pagers
  • Text Message ID
  • No Contracts

The pendantSentry system is designed to help protect vulnerable individuals and provide a means of raising an alarm to a carer or colleague within the building.

This system comprises of portable pendant transmitters which when activated, send a message directly to one or more pagers. The message identifies which transmitter is being operated.

The beauty of this system is its small unobtrusive size, coupled with its ease of use.

Any number of pagers can be used, and any number of transmitters.

It is ideally suited to care environments, where simple but effective alarm call methods are needed.

All equipment conforms to the UK licensing requirements & CE regulations.

121 Sentry

Wireless Personal Emergency Call System

To summon assistance in one on one situations. Helping you to meet your employer Health and Safety obligations for your staff.

  • Installed in Minutes121Sentry
  • Fully expandable to Up to 99 Users
  • Up to 80m Range
  • Audible Warning & LED Display
  • No Ongoing Contracts
  • No Licence Needed
  • Mains Powered Central Unit
  • Battery operated Personal or Wall Mounted button options
  • Lanyard Fitting Options

To use, just press the red button on the top of the battery operated transmitter.

A red light will show while the internal transmitter silently calls the mains powered display unit with its identity code up to 80 metres away, depending on local topography.

When the transmitted code is received, the identity number is displayed on the front panel, with the sounder operating until reset.

If another transmitter is activated before resetting the display unit, the illuminated digit will change to the new code received.

The beauty of this system is its simplicity of installation, and use. It is very discreet, and will help ensure that your staff feel secure when dealing with clients on a one to one basis, who may not be giving them the courtesy they deserve.

This system is fully portable, so can be moved at no cost, should you change premises.

All the equipment conforms to the UK licensing requirements & CE regulations.

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