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Are Your Lone Workers Protected?

At MDH Wireless we offer a range of Lone Worker and Man Down Alarm Solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our alarm systems can make automatic phone calls, send out pager messages or alert other members of staff onsite.  They conform to the UK licensing requirements and CE regulations, and have no ongoing contract or payment requirements (so you are not tied into any service or maintenance contracts).

So, if you are worried about a member of staff working alone, or you want to discuss the best alarm solution for your organisation, please do not hesitate in contacting us.


Worker Sentry Explained…

It helps protect lone workers by raising an alarm via a system of transmitters carried or worn by the lone worker(s) which when activated, sends an alarm signal back to a central receiver.

It is quick and easy to install as it is an entirely wireless system that doesn’t use the internet or require major infrastructure changes. It includes:

  • A panic button (SOS), man down and reminder features.
    Robust, discrete pocket pager or wearable SOS fob/pendant with vibrate and/or bleep function.
  • Easy-to-use with text message ID.
  • Multiple contact methods (telephone, pager or SMS).
  • Additional options to customise to your requirements include repeaters to extend the range of the system and remote siren strobes, designed to add a visual and audio warning to remote areas of the building.

Also, no licence fee or ongoing maintenance contracts.

Check out our lone worker alarm system FAQs

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