MDH Wireless Product Phasing Out Notice

As of the 31 December 2019, we will no longer be supporting the older Low Power MDH Wireless panic / Lone working alarm system models.

We have migrated our alarms systems to the new High Powered system over the last year. As this new technology is not only much more robust but also offers more features and ease of use. Customers using the new system have also benefited from a bigger range and longer battery life.

Alarm Upgrade Notice
HIgh Power Alarm System

There are various upgrade options available. The quickest and most cost-effective option is to upgrade the electronics component of your alarm – the existing buttons remain in situ. The upgrade is done on-site with disruption kept to a minimum. Upgrades start at £149.00.

Unsure if you have a low power model?

To check if your MDH Wireless panic or lone working alarm system is being phased out, and no longer supported. Email the serial number or a photo of the alarm to us, and we will tell you.

If you have any queries or questions, check out our upgrade FAQs, or call us on 01280 845530 or email to discuss the best option for upgrading your system.

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